Infantry Uniform

Basic uniform requirements

The following is a list of the absolute minimum items needed to portray a rifleman in the 4ID. New recruits don't have to get everything at once, as many members have spare gear to use for loaner purposes. However, we do request that they have the basics by their second year.

Basic Uniform

Wool Shirt and Trousers or HBT uniform Boots (either low quarter or double buckle) Leggings (with low Quarter boots) Jeep cap or HBT cap Army service waistbelt M1 Helmet with correct chinstrap and liner

Basic Gear

Canteen, cup and Cover, WWII style, either original or approved reproduction M36 Suspenders 10 pocket, preferably Khaki Carlisle bandage pouch (with bandage) Mess Kit and utensils E-Tool (Preferably T-handle, but folding accepted if correct design, and cover) The above covers all the gear necessary (except weapon) to portray a common GI in WWII.

Secondary uniform requirements

The following are secondary uniform items. While not required, it is recommended that the recruit acquire at least a jacket within their first two years of becoming a member of the 4th ID. M41 field jacket; or M43 field jacket and M43 field trousers; or Wool Overcoat

Secondary Gear

All secondary gear is optional, but makes a better impression. While not every item is needed, picking and choosing will help you portray a common soldier better. M1910 or M1928 Haversack with meat can and E-tool Musette Bag (Typically an officers kit, but some soldiers did carry them) Sleeping Bag and cover Wool Blanket Pup Tent (MUST be WWII era, with proper tent poles and stakes) M3 Fighting Knife and scabbard GI Sweater Mackinaw Poncho Bayonet and scabbard


M1 Garand - The staple of Infantry Weapons or M1 Carbine - Used by Officers and Weapon Crews, these weapons are acceptable as Infantry weapons or M1903 Springfield - Common early war weapon, but continued in use throughout the war. or Browning Automatic Rifle or B.A.R. - Light infantry support weapon, every squad had a B.A.R. Other weapons, such as the grease gun, or Thompson? Check with the officer in charge. The idea of this list to help the new recruit understand what is required of him. Purchasing every item on this list will not make or break an impression. It depends on the presentation. Nothing will destroy an impression faster, then having something anachronistic in your kit. Drinking a pop from a modern can, wearing your hair shoulder length, eating chips from a bag, all these things will destroy an impression much faster then not having all the gear. The basic gear listed above is all that is needed to have an excellent impression, that and a little study is all you really need. Also, feel free to ask about any items listed. We would be more then happy to assist a new recruit in gathering his equipment, including what stuff to shy away from. We know what we like to see, so if there is a question, ask!!

If you are interested in the patches used by the 4th Division,
here is an excellent LINK that describes the various patches used by period.