Private Eric Solbrig, November '06

Acting Sergeant, Bart Johnson November '06 (Your Webmaster in person)

German Command Post viewed from American Camp, November '06

Forward American Observation post, manned by Nathen Harrison,
Adam Hall (Medic), and Chuck Cunningham November '06

Eric Solbrig and Peter Whaley in camp, November '06

American Command Post with Lt. Derek Harrison. In the background is the German
Command Post, November '06

Eric Solbrig, Medic Adam Hall,Peter Whaley, and Nathen Harrison, November '06

American Obervation Post. November '06

American Patrol, November '06

Nathan Harrison, Adam Hall, Peter Whaley, Derek Harrison, and Eric Solbrig, November '06

Adam Hall, Peter Whaley, Bart Johnson, Derek Harrison, and Eric Solbrig, November '06

Bart Johnson, November '06

Eric Solbrig, and Peter Whaley, in front of American Command Post, November '06

Lt. Derek Harrison, on the front lines, November '06

American Camp, November '06

German Camp, November '06