D-Day Event, Evansville, In.
June 2-3 2007

Setting up Camp

Our home away from home

Higgins Boat

Higgins Boats

LST 325

Higgins Boat being loaded

Loading on the Higgins Boat

Waiting to load the Higgins Boats

Still waiting....

Still waiting....

On the Higgins Boat, ready to depart

Eric Harrison

Lt. Derek Harrison, lecturing about the war to Pvt. Peter Whaley

PFC. Eric Solbrig, trying to understand Lt. Harrison's lecture

SGT. Bart Johnson, showing that he is a manly man
and looking a little like a Benny Hill Chactacter!

German Pak 40, protecting the beaches

German Pak 40, protecting the beaches

German Pak 40, protecting the beaches

German Armoured Car, on patrol

From left to Right
Peter Whaley, Eric Harrison, Derek Harrison, Eric Solbrig, and Bart Johnson

The following photos were given to us by Ron Norvell. We thank him profusely, his photos are great.

LtoR Lt. Derek Harrison, PFC Eric Solbrig, Eric Harrison, Peter Whaley, and Sgt. Bart Johnson

Bart Johnson and Peter Whaley, on patrol

BAR Gunner we picked up from 101st Airborn, Eric Solbrig, Eric Harrison, Derek Harrison can just be seen behind Eric S.

LtoR Lt. Derek Harrison, BAR Gunner, PFC Eric Solbrig, taking cover

Peter Whaley taking a hit

Far Right, Eric Harrison, Left GI, (in smoke) Derek, and right of him,
loading his weapon, Eric Solbrig

Right of photo, Derek, pointing, Eric S. Still loading rifle.

Eric Solbrig, escorting Kraut prisoner.. (with just one bullet)

Derek and Eric S. with backs to camera in middle of photo

Derek and Eric, left two GI's

Derek and Eric, left two GI's

Easy Company.. in background, behind German solder

Eric Harrison..leftmost GI (back toward camera)

Taking the gun! Bart on Right, then Derek, then two over Eric S.

Taking the gun!! Bart is the GI highest up hill in photo
Peter is just to his left

These are just a few of the photos. Many, many more can be viewed HERE